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Spotify Premium for a Fraction of the Cost

Using propietary technology, we allow you to upgrade our Spotify account to premium for a sliver of the cost and for a lifetime.


premium music awaits for you

Available Anywhere

Upgrade your account using Spotify.GG on any device - mobile or desktop.

Instant Replacements

Account downgraded? Using our website, you are able to get instant replacements 24/7/365. No need to wait like other services.

Award Winning Support Team

Have any issues with our services? Contact support at our navigation bar to talk to our award winning support team.


Our lifetime of Spotify premium is only a $1.99 one time payment. Compare that to $10/month!

Save more with these awesome plans

Transparent pricing

Our plans have everything you need to take your app to the next level. No hidden fees.

1 month

For 1 Month Warranty of Spotify Premium

I want this

  • Get Spotify Premium and get an instant replacement if you get downgraded within a month!


For a lifetime of Spotify Premium

I want this

  • Get Spotify Premium and get instant replacements for the lifetime of this service!

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